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A Festival, Campaigns & Promotions Combo: Brand Spanking New Concept


Festivals are essential to the life of independent cinema. Lacking the resources of a studio marketing arm, the festival depends on the reputation it must garner over time and the press attention necessary to make the film presented move forward.
The combination of festival with promotions and campaigns online magazine fulfills the needs of the film maker to be seen in multi venues screenings, to have some journalistic attention within the context of the festival, but also have the campaigns tools and guidance at hand when they need them.

New & Proven Talent

There is the scope within both festival and business promotions facility for both new and established talent. Each given a different push

Small Businesses

We bring together small businesses & film makers that have the skills sufficient to make advertising which can be screened during the festival and be uploaded and used ad hoc

Journalism, Social Media, and Visibility

A young person making their first steps into the world of journalism is now unlikely to be fortunate enough to get ahead.
In film media, the rise of aggregate sites means that individual responses to output disappear into a measured mean index. Journalists here are trained and paid in journalism and communications.

Campaigns Tools & Guides

Guides are available for film makers’ small businesses and creatives for all manner of purposes.
Initially, there will be just a ‘top ten’ guides offering, but a total of 116 guides in total have been created and devised towards growth and progression in campaigns
The guides areas are: Marketing, Business, Campaigns, Communications, PR, Finance, Events and HR.

Professional Industry Groups

   Many industry areas, such as legal, and insurance would especially benefit from Bespoke Campaigns penchant for unique and bespoke communications and marketing

Film Makers & Portfolio

The career of a chosen list of film makers is to be promoted via Bespoke Campaigns and a vast social media. These will be linked to businesses that need promotions