Kindly look at the FAQs and the Terms & Conditions before coming to the email contacts as given below. Should there be a line of enquiry that is already covered, there is little chance that there will be an answer given.

Is where all enquiries relating to the project should go. Do not write asking for a position. This is the email contacts build address and where we will be collecting interested party contacts for news and updates.

Is where all enquiries about volunteering for the festival should go, though note that the voluntarism here is a legal springboard towards valuable work experience. Do not write in with a rant about free internships and exploitation.

Is where all enquiries regarding the possibility of having a franchise for the branded film festival should go, note though the qualification criteria.

Is where all enquiries from businesses to access the branding, social media and advertising that the festival facilitates should go. This is not how to approach the festival to be part of the talent – this is done through the submitting of work and being judged via the two tier system as per ‘How This Works’

Is where all enquiries for business to business relationships and sponsorships should go. We are looking to form ethical, sponsorships, and marketing partnerships as well as symbiotic relationships with businesses willing to take interns that can also work/volunteer for the festival

Is where the enquiries from venues wishing to join us should go. We are looking for all manner of venue though are looking for those with their own equipment. We do not have access to screens and PA systems.