There is really no difference in approaching small business branding than there is in dealing with the big guns.  Branding though, to the small business, sole trader, or creative is a bit posh, or unnecessary.  The idea here is that the community or customer base served by the small business is driven by familiarity, proximity and convenience.

Better still for a small business to show its regular customer base that they are right to invest emotion and cash in the chosen business and/or service. Branding reinforces trust and connectivity between customer and business. This is as important in small business as it is for multinationals – who spend fortunes in branding and branding research.

On the festival site, here, the customer or business can gain access to a world of talent via The New Talent Register. The register is a listings of film makers who are self-employed, businesses in themselves who can and will work to a budget, schedule and specification. In order to deploy the talent of the film makers.
Just drop a line to and we will see what we can do.

It is NOT that difficult or costly to go to the time and trouble of having a small ad or clip made and to have the social media needed to deal with spreading the word. Better still to have your ad take part in a festival that deals with small business branding and developing talent in a challenging city, good for business, good for the business karma.

Here is where we will showcase the businesses that typify ‘small is beautiful’ and have an ethos, product or service the world need know about.  We will be listing the talent that can and will provide small business advertising or clips to accompany their site and to place on YouTube. Our sister site, Bespoke Campaigns is a place for downloadable tools for small businesses and creatives.

We can and will provide a concept to completion service, far better than the Google Template option and far cheaper than an ad agency. Not only will the customer have access to this service, but the talent will have a monitored portfolio build to act as risk absorber for any future feature film making campaign, and the ads themselves will be part of the festival, initially once a year, but with a view to being at least a bi-annual event.