Submission Info

There is to be an ‘open genre’ policy in terms of style: The films/shorts can be in any format and in Lo Budget, Horror, Sci Fi, Exploitation, Silent, and Animation – anything at all but must cover the elements and issues as described in Submissions Drop Down List.

Note: It is especially useful if the film maker has a sense of historic perspective in terms of 1970s cinema with an emphasis on early exploitation and its power to mirror Contempory environmental tensions. We do not really want homage films, but works that have a sense of this particular genre woven into its style. Contempory Exploitation will be particularly favoured. Look to the ideas in the themes and ideas list for some inspiration.

Pop Promos for Competitions

Rockumentaries are welcome, but we are not a label. The promotion of a band will be within the context of the band providing themes and ideas in their music which reflects the city. Note: London Boys/David Bowie, London Calling/The Clash, Down at the Tube Station at Midnight/The Jam, in particular are examples of what is possible to draw from the city.
For inspiration and a perspective read:
In the City: A Celebration of London Music by Paul Du Noyer, 2009 Virgin Books

Entries can be in any language and from anywhere in the world so long as it has a city theme. It doesn’t matter where it has been played before

Please upload all films via Vimeo link with the following spec:
h.264 mpeg 4.

No physical copies please.

Shorts: No more than 15mins in length

Features: Between 60 and 120 minutes. If the feature is longer in duration, the cost of submission goes up.

Submission costs:
Competition Entries   $45
Trailers $35
Shorts (up to 15 mins) $50
Shorts of (15 – 30 mins) $60
Features (up to 120mins) $75
Features (over 120 mins) $90