Livin’ in the City: Venues Application

We already have venues centrally located that are happy to be part of the festival. We are looking to have open air events related to industry fields associated with film making.

If you have a venue, are part of the publicity function and role of a venue, or work in a venue you think would like to take part in Livin’ in the City, kindly follow the descriptions as indicated below and fill the form in accordingly.

Commercial Venue: A venue with a strong or mid weight brand identity, which is part of a chain, corporate group that has a prominence and following but would like to hold more, or a first film event and would like us to design associated publicity

Community Venue: This can be a hall, school, college or university that has a capacity already for collective gatherings. Such a venue would have a community based stakeholder presence with a selective group or committee involved in the decision making process. There will not be brand energy around such a venue and therefore the prospect of having us develop one for the use of your venue for the festival is attractive. It may well be that there is an issue or cause to highlight.