Livin’ in the City Volunteer Submission London

Note:  The festival is highly selective in the choice of candidates and there are numerous positions available with a view to providing CV Credits and references to those that complete 8 weeks competency based work at junior level and 6/12months managerial/supervisory level.

There is a ZERO tolerance for wannabes and drama queens. There will be serious attention given to providing competency based training to those that have the talent, work ethic and motivation to succeed and gain ground in a vocation associated with the festival.

If it is apparent that the candidate displays worrying amounts of mis-placed fantastical notions of fame/deservedness, they will be asked to leave the organisation and will not be allowed any proximity to the organisation thereafter. The realities are that huge amounts of candidates come out of media related degrees with misguided notions which are not grounded in the fact of selectivity based on proven competencies. Arguments based on the alleged exploitation of candidates for free work is only relevant when applied to companies that have folks running around and making tea. Prove worth, and the reward is genuine career and steering towards better work and pay quicker than can be done alone. We have contacts with a proliferation of recruitment agents who will be given new CVs of candidates with proven work capabilities and CV credits.